Stichting Naturistisch Zwemmen Gennep
After you have passed the cash register on the left side in the corridor the changing rooms, no distinction is made between men and women's dressing rooms. After the changing rooms via the transit showers you enter the swimming area. First the children's pool with slide and various game options. Behind the children's pool is then the 25 -meter competition bath, a part of a part is reserved for "job swimmers" and the other part intended for the youth. Opposite the children's pool you will find the jacuzzi with two tanning beds on the left and a number of steam cabins on the right. These steam cabins can be used for free for visitors to Pica Mare. Also in the swimming area there is a toddler pool with play equipment especially for the very small children. Next to the toddler pool is the door to the sauna section. Beyond this door is the access to the picopleintje. Just behind the door you can also find the stairs to the sauna part below. You enter the sauna section through the entrance where there is also a dressing room. The access to the sauna section is also accessible via a door at the end of the corridor. From the entrance you will first pass two showers on the right. On the left is the rest room. On the right is also the immersion bath at the end of the corridor is the indoor sauna with the steam bath right. There is also the foot bath on the right. To the left of the Binnensauna is also the solarium.

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